The Profile

In the main of Portuguese nationality, the TEAMPOWER® employee initially started and developed his career in Portugal in the renowned Portuguese construction school.

The standard TEAMPOWER® temporary worker is extremely dedicated and has a high rate of attendance which, along with his competences result in high productivity indices.

All the temporary workers placed have vast work experience in their profession and the majority of them have already carried out one or more missions in the country where they have been posted.

Along with the requirements of the recruitment and selection process, TEAMPOWER® also seeks to provide workers who have favourable references issued by companies of indisputable reputability.

A large number of workers has professional certification in accordance with the certificability of the professions they exercise and the majority have previous training recognised throughout the European Union.

At TEAMPOWER® there is a commitment to maintaining good recruitment practices, making the best professionals more loyal and providing suitable, objective training, thereby ensuring the quality of the temporary employees provided.

Recruited Profiles

TEAMPOWER® recruits different professional profiles, fully meeting your requirements.

Skilled and semi-skilled labour
Specialised workers and labourers for the various civil construction and public works occupations.

Labour capable of discharging duties which require instruction and capacities to carry out tasks with delimited autonomy, forming part of plans, rules and standards which have been established previously;

Labour capable of discharging duties which require the ability to carry out simple tasks of little complexity and repetitive;

Minimum Requirements

Classification Experience (minimum requirements)
Experience Age Academic Record
Apprentice Not applicable 18 – 25 years old Mandatory schooling
Labourer 6 months experience as a labourer
Mandatory schooling
21 – 65 years old Mandatory schooling
Officers 1 year of proven experience in their profession.
Mandatory schooling
21 – 65 years old Mandatory schooling
Team Leaders 1 year of proven experience as a team leader 32 – 65 years old Mandatory schooling +
Knowledge of technical drawing
Duties of a technical nature 1 year of proven experience in the post 21 – 65 years old Mandatory schooling + Professional Skills Certificate


Middle Management

Professionals prepared for the performance of posts which require intermediate level technical and scientific knowledge and imply the ability to act autonomously and take decisions;
They should have a Degree or Bachelor’s Degree, duly recognised by the competent entities.

Senior Management

Management ready to assume duties which require a high level of scientific and technical knowledge. They demonstrate competence to act with great autonomy and to play and active role in taking strategic, organisational and technological decisions;
They have Degree level training duly recognised by the competent entities and professional experience in the post to be held of over three years.

The Recruitment

The TEAMPOWER® recruitment and selection process is subject to internal quality standards which seek to ensure the professional, physical and mental capacity of the workers placed and maximise the performance of the work teams. Each professional classification complies with minimum requirements which TEAMPOWER® dictates.

An applicant data base which is permanently updated in which all those registered are carefully classified by specialist consultants with practical knowledge in the activity areas for which they recruit, ensures great response speed.

Recruitment Team

A multidisciplinary recruitment team ensures effective recruitment meeting the specific requirements of each demand.

The TEAMPOWER® human resources team is made up of consultants with miscellaneous previous professional experience, to wit specifically related with the selection of workers for the civil construction and public works sector, human resources or civil construction and public works themselves.

These professional experiences are subsequently complemented by specific training in the fields of civil construction and public works and human resources in accordance with their initial contingences.


Training actions are frequently proposed which seek to provide employees with the development of their knowledge and subsequently help them to carry out their duties.

Once three months have elapsed since the start of their employment contracts, all employees automatically obtain the right to certified training sponsored by TEAMPOWER® which seeks, once assimilated, to improve their performance in the field.