Teampower™ Recruitment


Our recruitment service will provide the right staff for your team.

TEAMPOWER™ has developed an effective and thorough beginning-to end process, from the analysis of the client’s needs and the applicant profiles to the final placement of the applicant into the client company Well-defined and structured criteria, including personal interviews, reference checking and skill checks (how-to-be and how-to-do), ensures that we match the right applicant to each position.

TEAMPOWER™ employs a proprietary methodology based on a multistage process involving concrete, measurable objectives and ongoing assessment.

Our Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Plans


* Psychotechnical tests:
• Cognitive Test – For measuring such general aptitudes as attention and concentration.
• Signal Detection Tests – For measuring selective attention and visual discrimination of a relevant signal presented with distractors.
• Basic Intelligence Functions – General intelligence test covering verbal, numerical, figurative-spatial and memorisation skills;
• Primary Mental Aptitudes – Assesses five basic intelligence factors – verbal understanding, logical thinking, spatial awareness, numerical skills and verbal fluency.
• Any other functions the client wishes to measure.

**Activation of the guarantee presupposes the running of a new recruitment process

How Does It Work? Who Does What?

Our goal at TEAMPOWER™ is to propose the best applicants for each position. This is a key feature of our operation and one of the main reasons for our success.

At the TEAMPOWER™ recruitment centres, qualified recruiters apply reliable selection criteria to the recruitment process.

TEAMPOWER™’s recruitment process is swift and dynamic, driven by a constantly updated database and high calibre external sources. This approach allows us to shorten our response times and increase effectiveness, meeting the time-sensitive demands of the international market.

Our thorough selection and evaluation procedures allows us to recruit the ideal professional for each company and for each task.

Our client management is customised throughout the entire process, from identifying the client’s needs to drafting the service proposal and checking if needs have been met.